Why a healthy prostate means healthier sex
Why a healthy prostate means healthier sex

Not everyone is aware of this, but the prostate actually plays an active role during sexual activities.

Along with other structures, the prostate is responsible for producing fluid in semen which acts as a conduit that transports your sperm when you ejaculate. This process makes prostate health a significant talking point when it comes to a healthy sex life.

At the physical level, poor prostate health has been known to be associated with erectile dysfunction, which causes the patient to experience difficulties in getting or maintaining an erection. Other cases also show a loss of libido which results in the decrease of one’s sex drive, or overall interest in sex.

The prostate can also experience infection and inflammation from bacteria. Usually taking the form of urinary tract infections, pelvic pain syndrome, and prostatitis — this can cause abdominal pain, urination problems, as well as sexual dysfunction among other symptoms. Fortunately, bacterial prostatitis can often be treated with antibiotics, whereas chronic pelvic pain syndrome may require drugs, surgery, and even lifestyle changes.

Another condition to be mindful of is prostate enlargement, or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Usually occurring for men around the ages of 50, an enlarged prostate is suspected to be caused by age-related hormonal changes that presses the prostate into the urethra as it enlarges — causing a number of urination symptoms, as well as pain after ejaculation.

Next to BPH, prostate issues can also develop to become cancerous. Usually caused by age, genetics, and adverse lifestyle habits — prostate cancer is a disease that could potentially impact your sex life before, and after treatment. With symptoms like erectile dysfunction and bloody semen occurring upon diagnosis, patients also sometimes suffer from infertility and trouble with ejaculation post-treatment.

Overall, although additional research is required to form more conclusive results, studies would indicate that maintaining a healthy prostate can significantly support your sex life in the long run. Just be sure to practice safe sex to avoid any unrelated health risks and always seek advice regarding your prostate health from your doctor regularly.