How ejaculation can save your life
How ejaculation can save your life

As the male prostate is connected to the endocrine system, it’s no surprise that experts have long studied the correlation between prostate cancer risks and sex — specifically, ejaculation.
Although there’s yet to be any definitive evidence that ejaculating reduces the chances of prostate cancer, doctors can confirm that there’s somehow a connection between the two with statistics indicating more positive impacts from certain case studies.

Up until today, researchers have discovered that men who had sex, masturbated, or experienced wet dreams for a certain number of times in a month could lower the chance of developing prostate cancer by 20%. However, this was only prevalent for a particular age group, mostly around the ages of 50 years old or so.

As to ‘HOW’ ejaculation could potentially support prostate health, one theory dubbed the “stagnation hypothesis” suggests that it flushes out harmful chemicals that might build up in semen. By not ejaculating after a long period of time, the seminal fluid could undergo oxidative changes that prove toxic to the prostate.

Hence, regular ejaculation helps to rid the prostate gland of cancer-causing materials, infection, and other forms of matter that can cause inflammation.
For cancer experts, this piece of research is particularly exciting for cancer experts, not just because it could potentially lower the chances for prostate cancer without medical intervention, but also since most other things that increase the odds are uncontrollable like age and a family history with the disease.

Generally speaking, masturbation and safe sex usually doesn’t cause you any serious health problems — in fact, doing them often can potentially be beneficial for your health in more ways than just your prostate. They can reduce stress, contribute to maintaining a healthy heart, as well as enhance the immune system’s response to the presence of cancer cells.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that researchers are currently still studying the effects of ejaculation to prostate health — however, maintaining a healthy sex life commonly bear more positive results over negative in terms of health (both physical and mentally).